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Corporate Training

To win in a highly competitive business environment, you need to arm yourself and your team with the management and leadership competencies of today and tomorrow. Tomorrow is coming faster than you think. We at TKCC, make your world a better place by researching, developing, designing and delivering engaging corporate training programs. Our signature course on "Innovation Leadership Development", supplemented by "Management Soft-skills" training, are guaranteed to meet contemporary and emerging business needs of innovative companies.

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Public Seminars

In addition to corporate leadership and management development training programs, TKCC offers public workshops that focus on niche and leading-edge business topics. This is our pay-per-seat solution that makes it affordable for companies to provide learning opportunities to individuals or small teams. Attending public seminars is ideal for honing new skills while networking with a diverse group of peers from other organisations and industries.

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Coaching & Management Consulting

When training is reinforced by coaching and mentoring, the return on investment is greater. Learning is internalised by solving real life business issues. TKCC's coaching methodology deploys flexible and structured approaches to facilitate individuals or teams to think through problems and tasks for themselves, while moving them forward to achieve well defined goals. We also mentor our clients in areas that we specialise. Our mentoring interventions are designed to facilitate INNOVATION projects, develop BUSINESS MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS (KPI dashboard), re-engineer BUSINESS MODELS and implement BUSINESS STRATEGIES, all of which are fortified by our own expertise and years of hands-on corporate and consulting experience.

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Storytelling & Copywriting

Times have changed. In modern society we heavily communicate with prospects, customers and employees through written digital content. To be successful, your story (or advertisement copy) must attract attention and move people to act in favour of your message. Your Presentations, Brand Stories, Webpages, Company Profiles and Direct Marketing Emails are a few examples. We at TKCC specialise in writing content that engages, educates and inspires your target customer segments or audiences to respond favourably.

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Clients Served

We have served clients from a variety of industries such as banking, manufacturing, trading, education, telecommunication and more